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Families in Christ Ministries (FICM) is a church-related ministry organization made up of friends who are centered on the Living Christ and focused on sharing family Life together. The mission of FICM is to inspire and equip families to draw close to one another and to people in their church, in order to raise Godly children who do not conform to the patterns of the world but reflect the living Lord.

In Christ

Families in Christ Ministries (FICM) began in 1999 as a ministry to families and later became a cover church-organization for HomeLife Academy.


FICM is a vision which God gave us to help families with marriage, parenting, and other needs in way of moving us all to grow in Christ.

We recently updated this website template and look forward to filling it now with content we hope will feed your family’s spiritual life. Topics will include parenting, marriage, communication, gospel, and the like. If there is a specific question you would like us to cover please email us.